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Hoodies for Winter And Looking Cute

Now that winter is here, we always struggle with finding outfits that keep us warm. Most female outfit brands seem to think a crop top hoodie is what we need, when in fact it barely covers anything! I personally need to wear so many layers to stay warm, a crop top is not what I am looking for in this very moment.

Not to mention the way they design these jackets. Like where are the pockets, why is it skintight, how can any sweater I wear fit underneath this without suffocating me? It is like the only reason this jacket exists is aesthetic rather than being practical and providing me with the warmth I need. And by the way, they go perfect with our ponytail hair extensions!

It is also very cold outside that going to a store, looking for something, and trying it on is too much of hassle and I would rather stay in with my hot cocoa and my beautiful warm warm apartment. So, I settled for buying sweaters and hoodies online, and to my shock, they are the BEST SOLUTION EVER. They are cute and adorable making me look good while providing me with warmth. The best part, I can simply not wear a bra underneath it and no one would even notice.

Here is a list of the hoodies and sweaters I have that work wonderfully in this weather:

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1- Champion Women’s Powerblend Hoodie:

This hoodie comes in different sizes and colors so you can even buy more than one that actually suits your needs. The pockets alone are enough to buy this cutie because they are big enough to fit your hands and keep them warm for the matter.

2- Aleumdr Womens:

Aside from looking like a fluffy teddy bear, this hoodie can be worn at all times, whether it is to go out or to sleep. This fuzzy looking hoodie will also keep you warm at all times and can fit more than one layer underneath it. Talk about the perfect solution here.

3- Gildan Ladies:

This jacket is perfect if you are the type to get hot really fast. It is big enough to fit over anything and then can easily be taken off. It is available in different colors and sizing so it fits your mood!

4- CCZZ Hoodies For Women:

You can see just how cute and adorable this hoodie is! It even looks like a sweater and the colors are amazing and work so well together. It feels even amazing when touching it so hurry up and get this hoodie before it runs out.

5- Sofra Women’s Thin Cotton Pullover Hoodie Sweater:

This simple hoodie is perfect for all occasions and even the way it is cut is very fitting. You can even find almost any color you want and size so do not worry! You can get this however way you want it.

6- ReachMe Womens Sherpa Pullover Fuzzy Oversized Hoodie

This fuzziness just feels amazing on the skin and even looks amazing even. It is the most perfect thing to exist and it just feels so homey. I highly recommend this hoodie for all the warmth in the world.

I hope you like these outfits as much as I did, I can assure you they have kept me looking cute and adorable and landed me several compliments while keeping me warm.