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Vivian Lou Insoles Review – Wear High Heels Without Pain

I recently discovered a heel insole product that turned out that it’s used by celebrities and it blew my mind so much that I had to tell you about it. It’s called Vivian Lou, and it lets you wear any high heels without the pain. So out of all the Vivian Lou insoles reviews, here’s my unbiased one.

I always wondered how actresses and singers would wear high heels all day without feeling the pain but I never realized a lot of them actually used insoles! And after trying more than 9 insole products, I have a very strong feeling they use Vivian Lou.

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So what makes Vivian Lou so special?

Aside from the fact that it’s approved by Ray Rachel, Good Morning America, USA Today, and more, Vivian Lou insoles have earned the prestigious American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance, meaning they are actually great for your feet!

Now after reading a lot of Vivian Lou insoles reviews, I decided to buy my own pair. I thought they would cost me an arm and a leg but they turned out to be so cheap. And after trying them, I literally had zero pain in my feet and ankles. This made them a no-brainer.

What surprised me even more was that they were so comfortable to wear. Not only did my pain disappear, I didn’t feel that I was wearing any insoles at all.

Apparently, Vivian Lou is one of the best kept secrets in fashion because when I told my friend about it, it turned out she already knew it and never told me before! She swears by it and says she can wear her heels for 4x longer without any pain.

These insoles were amazing!! Absolutely loved them. I put these in my 4 1/2 inch heels for my wedding day and I would’ve been able to wear them all night!

Samantha, Verified Vivian Lou customer

What do Vivian Lou insoles look like?

Up until now, Vivian Lou have sold out every month. And that’s no wonder because celebrities and more than 1,657 happy women have given it 5-star reviews.

And unlike other insoles, Vivian Lou insoles are sanitary and won’t smell. Moreover, they’re impossible to see in any shoe so no one will know that you’re wearing them.

vivian lou insoles review

It also fits all shoes without the need for resizing with scissors! I was a little bit skeptical whether it would fit in my shoe or not but it works so perfectly. And it even helped alleviate some of my hip and back pain.

How do I use it?

I was super encouraged when it got here because it instantly fit in my shoe and felt so comfortable, and it looked exactly like the tutorials I saw (here’s my favorite one below)

So when you get one, all you have to do is to find the plastic tab at the top of the insole, fold it back to allow enough adhesive to attach the insole, and insert it into your heel. Repeat on on the other shoe and you’re good to go!

The result? You will be able to look drop-dead gorgeous in your high heels without any pain! Perfect for parties, going out, or even just feeling like looking beautiful.

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How do I get one?

To get Vivian Lou all you have to do is click here to order it from their official website.

Update: It’s been a month since I got my Vivian Lou insoles and I’m so happy with them! They are the most comfortable insoles I’ve ever worn and I have zero pain in my feet since I got them. I’m going to a party soon and I’m so excited to wear my heels!

I also heard they just started offering a discount when you get more than one, so it’s literally going to start selling out soon! Go get yours now!