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The Ruby Ponytail Extension Review – Get A Celebrity Ponytail In Seconds

I recently came across a ponytail extension that’s used by A-list celebrities and it blew my mind that I had to tell you about it. It’s called The Ruby and it blends with your hair so well that you’ll look gorgeous with it in 30 seconds. So here’s my Ruby ponytail extension review.

I was always curious how singers and actresses would wear these amazing long ponytails but I never realized a lot of them are actually extensions! And after going through more than 20 different ones, I am pretty certain they use The Ruby.

So what makes The Ruby so special? Aside from the fact that it’s vogue-approved, the cool new LA-based company behind it (PrettyParty) created a patented and celebrity-quality hair extension that takes only 30 seconds to wear and looks exactly like the real thing.

Now when I first head about it, I thought it would cost me an arm and a leg. But PrettyParty made it affordable enough that it’s a no-brainer for the gorgeous new look you get.

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Before and after pictures of The Ruby

What surprised me even more that when I told my friend about it, she already knew it because an American Idol Finalist (Kellie Pickler) was using it! It’s also been seen by millions on TV shows like Celebrity Page, CMT Music Awards, and Access Hollywood.

So what does The Ruby ponytail extension look like?

Up until now, these ponytail hair extensions for short hair have sold out every month. It’s 30-inches long, and uses a patented technology called StyleFlex® that makes it resistant to heat.

And unlike clip-on extensions, it also gives you the flexibility to wear it in the shape and length you want. So you can wear it as a long ponytail, short ponytail, or even a bun if you want to!

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Lexia Hayden wearing The Ruby ponytail extension

It also comes in 12 different colors to suit every hair, such as blonde hair extensions! Now I was a little bit skeptical whether the color I chose (Medium Auburn) would work with my hair, but it was so reasonably-priced that I just got it. And the result? It looked so good that my friend’s jaw dropped when she saw me!

I love this extension. It’s the best ponytail I’ve purchased. The hair is the exact color of my hair and it looks natural.

Marie Villa, The Ruby customer

How do I use it?

I was super encouraged when I ordered one and it got here because it looked exactly like the tutorials I saw. (here’s my favorite one below.)

So when you get it, all you have to do is pull your natural hair into a bun, and place The Ruby ponytail hair extension through the bun. Then, choose the length you want your ponytail to be, and wrap the remaining hair around your bun.

The result? Natural looking, jaw-dropping, celebrity hair in literally 30 seconds! Perfect for parties, going out, or even just feeling like looking beautiful.

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How do I get one?

To get The Ruby, all you have to do is click here to order it from Amazon.

Update: It’s been a month since I got my Ruby ponytail extension and I’m so happy with it! It still looks natural and shines perfectly. I’m going to a concert soon and I’m so excited to wear it!

I also heard they just started offering the option of split-payments, so it’s literally going to start selling out soon! Go get yours now!

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