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Perfume Sets for Her: Michael Kors Sexy Amber

In the new edition of perfume sets for our loved ones, I would like to recommend the Michael Kors Sexy Amber Fragrance. As I have mentioned before, we all are always trying to find the best gifts, be it our mothers, grandmothers, friends or even girlfriends because we would like to spoil them. So, we always get confused as to what to buy them or get them spending endless hours researching, asking around, and looking everywhere for something special for them.

As a girl, I can assure you that you can never go wrong with perfume. It is the one thing every woman out there loves no matter what personality she has. I mean who doesn’t want to smell amazing all the time. Let us not forget that the key to an amazing perfume is how long it lasts, and how good it smells. With all the recent perfumes surfacing, it is safe to say that not all of them last long or smell amazing. That is why I am adding more to the perfume section in this blog to discuss perfume sets and brands so that you guys can know exactly what to get! I even provided with a link to buy it if you want it.

Sexy Amber Michael Kors

The new collection by Michael Kors which includes a spray, de Parfum rollerball and a Silky body lotion, is by itself a step towards beauty and care products that enables the modern woman to select between them all, sporty, sexy and glam. It’s warm and inviting, smells rich and womanly without being strident, and the best part is that it trails after you like a cashmere scarf, and is truly sexy – which has nothing to do with the popular notion of “sexy”. True sexiness doesn’t call attention to itself. It isn’t loud or desperate. It isn’t necessarily expensive either. It’s never phony or contrived. It IS, however, easy and simple, kind and gentle, tough when necessary and this perfume just that. It doesn’t try too hard. In fact, often it doesn’t try at all and feels very natural on you.

body lotion perfume set

Body Lotion

Does any of that make sense? It’s said that fragrance evokes memory more strongly than any other sense, and I believe it. Anyway – I bet some folks will read this post and think, hmm; what does any of this have to do with perfume? I think the best scents evoke the best feelings – and make you believe all the possibilities can become realities. This fragrance does that. The bottle and all the set are below 100$ which is very shocking for a signature perfume. It is perfect for mornings before work or just as you are about to go out for the evening. It’s not overpowering but can last all day on you. Let us not forget the compliments that will be flooding your way.


Link to buy: Sexy Amber Perfume Set

Let us not forget that it is also rich with amber and heavy. The amber is predominating at first, then the white flower kicks in then it becomes a warm and cozy scent with a hint of sandalwood on the background. The scent is quite classic, yet beautiful and seductively sultry in some way. It makes you feel sophisticated, elegant and attractive!

perfume set perfume

Sexy Amber Perfume

The packaging makes the product look expensive and luxurious! Making this the perfect gift or even if you are feeling like spoiling yourself, I would definitely recommend this perfume set to anyone that asked me about the perfume or about getting any perfume for the matter.

It will forever be one of my favorite perfumes of all time. It’s quite strong also so remember that, so don’t need to spray a lot and the smell lasts all day! The smell also has a hint of a luxurious bubble bath with its soft and sweet scent making it a perfect.

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