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Finding The Best Palette Product to Buy

Whenever we have a party or a dinner or simply, we feel like fixing ourselves, we look through our make up bag trying to find the best shade to apply on our eyes. But before all that there is a process, we all do, research. We want to find the best palette out there, the one that lasts on me the whole night, the one that makes me look best!

Look no further because I am going to help you narrow down your options right now! I have three palettes from my personal experience as well as friends that we got and used to see which is the best. And here I am going to share them with you with links to buy them if you felt a link with it.

The first palette I used was the Givenchy Beauty Prisme Visage. It is supposed to illuminate, mattify and “naturally” contour your face as well. The compact powder comes with 4 sections that include blush, highlight, contour, and bronzer. The whole compact is the size of my pinky. Making it easy to carry around and keep within arm’s reach.

It is better to use the brush it comes with because it is easier to pick up the product and it suits it more than other brushes.

The powder feels a bit stiff on the face like an extra layer, but it helps maintain the product on your face for a period. The one downside is that you need to apply it more than once on your face while preparing for the color to take but don’t worry, the result will be worth it!

Here’s the link to buy it:

Givenchy Beauty Prisme Visage

The second palette was the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Sugar Palette. It has 18 shades with mattes, pressed glitter, and metallic. One for each mood we feel like portraying for the day! It also comes in a cardboard slip box with a faux leather packaging with clasps.

Whenever a palette has that many colors, I have a small fear that not all colors would work but I was wrong. Frankly all 18 shades were amazingly good. I was not disappointed in a single shade. The bright red shade (Prick) may look a bit scary to use but once you go into it, it’s softer in pigmentation. Be relieved my friends because blending that out would’ve been a pain.

Be amazed as well because the bright purple shade worked perfectly just as the rest. It is well known that using the bright purple shade wouldn’t be great since purples are hard to have proper pigmentation, so fear no more with this palette. Even the white shade was good! Donor (pressed gold glitter) is so finely milled and glides smoothly on the eyes.

Even though the palette can look intimidating, be assured that you can easily create a natural everyday look from it. I’ve used this palette for work, outings, and experimenting with bold colors when I was out in a party.

I easily fell in love with the palette and how easily the shades blended, and I am sure you will too. Even the packaging is so easy in the eyes it pulls you to have! I personally need to fall in love the packaging before the make up and I’m sure one of you guys agrees.

The red faux leather “medical case” is so stunning! The stars engraving on the shadows and the mirror that is large enough to see all show effort done on their part for us. Worth every penny paid.

️WARNING: if you are allergic to red dye do not use it on your immediate eye area! (it’s a warning written on the packaging that I thought was worth mentioning)

Here’s the link to buy it:

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette

The third and last palette is my favorite one. We got and tried is the famous Huda Beauty Desert Dusk. It has 18 shades: 8 creamy mattes, 6 shimmers, 3 duo chromes, and one glitter.

The formulas are very different between Rose Gold and Desert Dusk, out of all the mattes I like Saffron, Amethyst, and Oud the most. Everything else seemed like a repetition from the RG palette.

As for the shimmers, oh my God. (I am weak when it comes to sparkles, it is my go-to thing for everything and every mood)

I literally bought this whole palette because of them sparkles and my friends just judged, they are STUNNING. Twilight and Retrograde are my favorite.

The shimmer formula obviously is way better than the original Rose Gold. The mirror addition to this was very smart because it allows ease access for applications as well as quick fixes. The fact it is big is a huge plus since it makes everything more practical.

The pigmentation is intense, and they show on effortlessly, so it is a very good and lasting investment. As for blending, well it blended like a dream, no trouble with that, so no worries.

Piece of advice do not go crazy with the glitter! Other than that, I loved this palette.

Here’s the link to buy it:

Huda Beauty Desert Dusk