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The How to Of Makeup Brushes from Mac to Sephora

Makeup brushes seem to always be the hardest to choose because we never know what we are investing in. It needs to be of high quality, so it does not ruin with time or cause our skin allergies. After all, we are trusting these brushes with our most important asset right now, our face. Regardless how good the product we are using can be, if the brush is bad it will ruin it. It is always best to be buying makeup brushes sets so that you don’t find each alone and they usually accompany each other.

For starters, a foundation brush should be dense, so it doesn’t soak up all the foundation you are using. As for concealer, it can be the same brush as foundation, but it is better to have two separate ones, so you do not mix up your powders. But use the brush in a dabbing motion rather than rubbing.

Powder and bronzer have their own set of makeup brushes. It is also big fluffy, not a dense brush so that you do not end up looking cakey.

Contouring on the other hand, you want to be somewhat harsh. To achieve this look, using a flat, dense brush will really pack a punch with a good contour shade. Just remember to blend it out so it doesn’t look like you have a big line on your face.

The best blush makeup brushes are smaller fluffy brushes that scatter the product without making it too harsh. Like blush makeup brushes, highlighter brushes need to be small, but somewhat dense.

Highlighter is in a more concentrated area than say blush or bronzer, and you don’t want your highlighter getting on parts of your face that you already powdered down. When it comes to eyebrows, the only thing you would use is pomade.

​One thing that everyone needs in their brush collection is a GOOD blending brush. Eyeshadow is an art of blending shadows together and without it, your look might end up looking muddled and messy. That is why I always purchase the best brush products out there that last me up for a long period of time and never seem to disappoint.

There are good brushes out there that can easily be bought from Amazon. Here are the makeup brushes sets that I recommend using due to their amazing quality:

1- Sephora Collection Milk Makeup X Sephora Collection Studio Brush Set:

By Sephora

sephora makeup brush set

Sephora Collection Milk Makeup Brush Set

This is a limited-edition set of five full-face brushes designed in collaboration with Milk Makeup. Sephora doesn’t ever disappoint, and the brushes last for a lifetime, of course you need to clean them too but you get my point. They also feel amazing on your face with softness like a baby’s bottom.

2- Rosé Baes Brush Collection:

By Morphe

amazon makeup brush set

Morphe Rose Brish Collection

These makeup brushes come with their own holder and the aesthetics alone are amazing. They blend everything in an amazing way, and they feel amazing. My friend swears by them.

3- Makeup Brushes Cosmetic Bag Set Makeup Artist Brushes Multi-Functional Cosmetic Bag Makeup Handbag for Travel & Home Gift

By Alovemo:

makeup brush set

Alvemo Makeup Brush Set

These are 10PCS Ultra Soft Bristles Makeup Brushes. This makeup eye brush set is made of high-density soft nylon bristles, non-shedding and odor free, easy to stick powder to create a perfect eye looks.

4- MAC Snowball Mini Brush Kit:

by M.A.C

mac brush makeup set

M.A.C. Mini Brush Kit

Brush off all the drama and stay chill. This rose gold Brush Kit adds some dazzle to your going-out routine, offering a chic new way to dress the eyes, cheeks and face. Thanks to these mini brushes, touch-ups have never been chicer. The foiled rose gold bag doubles as the ideal clutch for nights both in and out. Time to get glammed up.

These makeup brushes sets are Sephora, mac and Morphe and all can be bought from amazon and I even provided you with the links to buy them immediately if you related to it! none of these sets will disappoint and they will give off amazing results.