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9 Beauty Myths Only Grandmas Know

Whenever you sit with your grandparents, they will always have something to share from back in the old days. Especially your grandma when she wants to share her beauty tips of old. She would tell you a story of how she had to manage without buying all those products where you need to follow a specific routine. But let us not forget that sometimes, they tend to throw an exaggerated piece of advice every once in a while. After asking several of our people about what their grandmothers’ used to say, we gathered 9 myths that we would like to share with you.

1. Pumping your mascara makes it work better:

In reality, pumping your mascara can disturb the formula. You would be inserting air bubbles into the mascara which will make it dry out and clump faster.

2. Letting your wounds breathe helps heal:

Airing out your wounds won’t heal them faster! You need to clean the wound then cover it up with a band aid to ensure no infections would take place.

3. Base tans prevent sunburns:

This is just a myth for a simple reason, after several beach trips, you still find yourself getting a sunburn. That is because you need to apply protection on your skin at all times to protect it from the sun flares even if it is cloudy outside!

4. The end of your powder compacts comes after shattering:

There is a method that can help save your favorite make up powder! You need to use a little rubbing alcohol where you crush up the entire pan of makeup with the broken pieces, and then add a bit of rubbing alcohol until it’s absorbed. After that you gotta press down to make the makeup whole again and let it set. There you go, you just saved it!

5. Oil based products hurt your oily skin:

Think of it as negative cancels another negative to create a positive! Oil attracts oil, so if you use a cleansing oil to wash your face, it’ll work to balance out oily skin.

6. Zits can be shrunk with toothpaste:

Talk about an old school beauty hack, the ingredients in some toothpastes aren’t necessarily beneficial for your skin. Always read the label before applying anything on your skin! You are better off leaving the zit alone or using a treatment specific for it.

7. Switching up your shampoo will work and create magical results:

Shampoo cleanses your hair and won’t stop working just because you’ve been using the same formula for a while. Unless the needs of your hair change (i.e. your hair becomes more oily than ever before), it’s time to switch up your formula and find something better for your hair.

8. Applying nail polish can happen in any direction:

If you alternate which direction you file your nails in, your nails can become more brittle and prone to breakage. Stick to filing them in one uniform direction instead of going back and forth.

9. Your breakout is because of your sweets:

It could also be their indirect message telling you that some weight should be lost because there’s not one specific type of food that can cause you to break out. Everyone’s skin is different, so it’s best to just stick to a healthy diet if you’re concerned about how your diet is affecting your skin. And let us not forget water, your skin needs to be hydrated!

If there are any myths we seem to have forgotten please share with us in the comment section!