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6 Beauty Benefits of Drinking Water

A glass of water at any time during your day or night has been known to fix most situations. Even if you are sitting chained to your desk in an air-conditioned room or using the washroom to relieve yourself just three times a day, you’re still losing water every hour.

We lose lots amounts of water from our body, either by passing urine or through sweat; and it happens to us all. Water is essential to our body and to our beauty as well, the elixir of life. That is why you need to remember to have at least 8 cups of water a day.

We present to you, 6 beauty benefits of drinking water:

1. Natural Skin Glow:

When your blood circulation is best, the results can be seen on your skin as well. With just the right amount of intake of water, you won’t be needing a blush to make your cheeks glow pink or a lip-gloss to make your lips look rosy.

Not only does water keep your skin hydrated, this life-saving drink eventually affects every organ system of your body, right from the muscular to the digestive. With regards to skin, it helps reduce pimples, marks and acne, even delaying the ageing process to an extent.

2. Natural Detox:

When asked of the fashion maven Kendall Jenner about her secret beauty routine, she revealed it to include the drinking of ample amounts of water.

It is not just the models and celebrities, but even expert physicians recommend the same. Your skin is an organ. Water flushes out the toxins from our vital organs while also carrying nutrients to the cells, which helps the organs function at optimum levels.

3. Healthy Hair:

When there is a shortage of water, it must be borrowed from different organ systems in our body, which weakens them and may lead to hair loss, thinning of hair and breakage.

The supply of water to the roots of your hair makes your hair look rich and helps maintain the keratin levels. It helps in increasing the hair volume and darkens the hair color. Water also limits the dirt from banking on the scalp, giving your clean, strong and shiny hair.

4. Healthy Nails:

Water, for your body, is a daily essential that prevents it from desiccation and thus, becomes perhaps the most vital substance for persistence of human life on earth. But not only does water give you life, its consumption brings certain other benefits as well, such as healthy nails.

When your nails are properly nourished by water, they produce a shiny layer of alpha keratin which enhances their appeal. Water also enhances the growth of nails, especially their thickness. It is the easiest way of avoiding the painful peeling of cuticles.

5. Weight Loss:

Water increases your metabolism which results in reduced appetite, an effortless way to lose weight. The loss of water from your body reduces the functioning of the kidney, putting excessive pressure on the liver.

The liver usually helps in burning body fats but when tasked with the workload of the kidney as well, it is unable to perform at its best, resulting in fat deposition. The system works exactly in the opposite manner when there is enough availability of water in the body.

For a healthier option that further increases your metabolism and gives taste as well, you can always add a slice of lemon, cucumber, strawberry, or orange to your glass of water.

6. Anti-ageing:

Water is the key to enhancing your beauty and to prolonging your youthful look. Consuming an adequate amount of water everyday gives you fresh, soft and glowing skin.

It helps maintain the optimal body temperature, keeping the skin moist. It hydrates and replenishes the skin tissues leading to an increase in the skin’s elasticity. This helps delay the signs of ageing such as wrinkles, dark circles or fine lines.