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5 Main Reasons for Skin Aging

There are several reasons for an aging skin that are beyond just growing old. It is our job to try as much as we can to prevent it from showing up earlier than it should. First, let us talk about the causes for premature aging:

1. UV Rays:

Did you know that the sun and the environment are responsible for 80% to 90% of all aging?! Let that fact sink in as deep as the UV rays sink into your skin.

You might think it is safe to skip your sunscreen when it is cloudy or the winter season, since the sun is hiding behind the clouds and there is no direct contact. But, up to 80% of UV rays go through the clouds and they are ones that cause the damage to the skin. These partly clouds are perhaps the most dangerous as they are silent, and the damage is seen within years. For starters, during the partly cloudy day, UV radiation reaches the surface of the Earth more than other days. Scientists suspect this is due to the sun’s rays bouncing off the clouds and becoming more concentrated when they are redirected by thinner clouds.

2. Dry or Un-moisturized Skin:

Un-moisturized skin is a major factor that contributes to premature aging. ALWAYS remember to keep your skin hydrating and using moisturizers in order to keep your skin looking youthful, bouncy, and agile.

Little did you know, your eyes start to show signs of aging first! This should bring your focus to this area in your face. That is because the eye area is the only place in your whole face that does not have any oil glands. The skin there is also very thin which explains the reflection of what is underneath it. This prevents it from producing its own moisture.

When you start showing signs of premature aging, you’ll notice fine lines developing around the skin of your eyes. To make sure you’re preventing premature aging, you need to provide external moisture and hydrate the eye area.

3. Lifestyle:

Genetics are one of the reasons why some might witness signs of premature aging but let us not forget that your lifestyle also affects this change.

Make sure that you set aside time to care for yourself. Smoking, drinking, little sleep, stress, and even unhealthy eating in the long term can eventually cause your skin to turn sallow, dry, and show signs of premature aging. Trust me, it’s not going to make you feel any better either.

You need to attempt to try to decrease your smoke intake as well as start eating a healthy diet. You should always hydrate, de-stress, and care for your skin. No one will care for you as much as you care for you!

If you live in a city, make sure you’re using products that protect you from free radicals, always applying SPF, and washing your face regularly.

4. Free Radicals:

Interestingly, it’s now known that pollution plays a big role in premature aging, especially lentigines / brown spots. It is hard to find any place here that does not have any sign of pollution in it so we must do whatever we can to help our skin!

Studies have shown that people living in areas with more pollution show more signs of premature aging. So remember, taking care of your skin and always washing it and hydrating are new best friends.

5. Less Production of Collagen in the skin:

Upon reaching the age of 24 or 25, everything starts to slow down and that’s when you need a little more help to boost your skin’s production. You can do things such as facial massages after applying products to help stimulate the blood circulation in the skin. Your skin can then better absorb the products and produce its own collagen and elastin fibers.

Moisturize before sleeping and focus on getting those vitamins in your system.