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20s to 30s Different Skin Routes You Go Through

The 20’s Skincare Routine:

As anyone can tell, the difference 10 years makes on the skin is quite visible. With that in mind, the skin care routine that should be followed changes as well! Never stick to the same one since your needs are bound to change.

Your skin needs to be taken care of since your preteen years especially in the breakout season of zits and acne. And as you approach your 20s, you need to keep your focus on prevention.

Before being in your 20s, you are a teenager and you are prone to some breakouts, zits, and acne. Getting a solid cleanser-toner-serum-moisturizer routine for your skin type is important. Do not forget to exfoliate two-three times a week to slough off dead skin cells and let your beautiful skin shine through!

As you are heading into the 20s, your routine should become heavily focused on prevention and sun protection to avoid sun damage and spots. Preventing this damage from taking place in the first place is a lot easier that repairing the damage done later in life. It can take years to show on your face, so ALWAYS keep that sun protection cream with you!

Some of you might notice that you still have acne even after you finished your puberty making years. It is normal but it is also a different type of acne! With every decade of your life, the acne varies due to the changes in your skin’s condition. You are prone to finding that your skin is much oilier due to hormonal acne that causes the oil glands to become more active and clog up your hair follicles.

There is some good news! Your skin responds to benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid and can handle stronger doses of acne medication. You can also include key ingredients to your daily routine like hyaluronic acid and vitamin C due to their abilities to fight free radical damage, brighten, and hydrate the skin, all while protecting the skin’s’ natural barrier.

Remember that rest is also a key step towards regenerating your skin! Just remember to moisturize! Applying moisturizer before bed protects the skin from dehydration as you sleep, making it easier for them do the repairs that they need do. Despite the common myth, moisturizers do NOT cause pimples. If you have oily skin and are worried, pick a product that is oil-free. If you have acne or redness, pick one with niacinamide (vitamin B3), to combat that redness.

The 30’s Skincare Routine:

Now that you are entering your 30s, your skin routine must change, and your focus now should be on upgrades.
It is normal that you’re going to start noticing little signs of aging in your skin: dry or dehydrated skin, less collagen production, sunspots, and pigmentation…all the lovely things that are perfectly normal on a human being. It cannot be stressed enough how normal this is! Fortunately for you, we live at a time where seventy-something-year-old women look like they’re thirty years younger, so there’s hope! The secret lies within the skin care routine.

You can continue your routine from your 20s, but you will need to increase the use of serum daily on your skin while keeping it moisturized. If you truly want to delay the signs of aging, your routine will need some upgrades and additions to it. They include retinoids (Vitamin A), and other anti-aging ingredients like peptides, vitamin C, and niacinamide.

The benefits to using these ingredients include actively working on renewing your skin’s cells and triggering collagen production. That not only reduces fine lines but also corrects sun damage and improves skin texture and discoloration.

Of course, there are many ways to use these anti-aging ingredients, and certain combinations can help improve your skin’s condition. For instance, using a vitamin C serum during the day and a retinal serum at night helps fight free radical damage, increases your cell renewal rate, and triggers collagen production. It is also best to use night creams containing anti-aging ingredients to help hydrate your skin and support the overnight recovery process as you sleep.

I hope these pieces of information help you understand your skin’s needs and wants more! If there is anything you would like to add please leave us a comment and let us share it with the world.